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    SWIFT is the latest programming language from the APPLE stables. And it has already revolutionized programming, particularly for iOS Devices. This is a very stable and robust language, intuitive to use and easy as English to learn. Since it derives from earlier programming languages, experienced programmers find it easy to adapt to their applications. But it also welcomes newcomers, who can pick it up with ease in a very short time. At the same time is a super powerful programming language that attracts the best minds. Its attractions have already driven hordes of developers into its arms. Applications for SWIFT programming language is growing by the day, and have already drawn fulsome praise from critics and experts.


    SWIFT originated with the seminal work of Chris Lattner in 2010. Lattner worked with fellow expert programmers John McCall, Joe Gruff, Ted Kremenek and Doug Gregor at the famous Labs at Apple to create this wonderful new Language. The basics were derived from the top programming languages in maximum usage, like C#, Python, Haskell, Objective-C, and CLU and so on.


    SWIFT is very easy to use. It resembles plain English more closely than most other programming languages. So the Developer does not constantly need to refer to the code book when writing programs in Swift. The Learning period is also shortened drastically. Beginners, especially Programmers from a background in Java, javaScript, Python, C# and C++, find it quite easy to learn Swift. It retains all the advantages of most of these codes, while adopting Swift to their tool chain. It is also very fast, and, perhaps with the exception of C++, Swift can leave most comparative codes far behind. SWIFT is a great tool for rapid development. SWIFT guides a programmer step by step, as if by hand. There are no integer overflow errors. Memory management is automatic. Null values are handled explicitly. All this is managed with extreme speed, nearly 2.6 times as fast as Objective-C or its sister languages. Error correction is more or less automatic and in built. SWIFT is actually safer and more secure than its predecessors. These are only a part of the numerous advantages of using SWIFT.


    SWIFT can be used to create applications in both Mac ans iOS apps. It is now obvious that all apps now in Objective-C will be eventually replaced by SWIFT, even though Objective-C was the sole programming language for all Apple and Mac apps till now. Transference between the two is natural, so conversion of the one to the other is comparatively smooth. Apart from iOS and Mac, Os like Darwin, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows etc. are all amenable to using SWIFT. The vast majority of content sites looking to develop mobile applications look towards swift. For example adult review site https://hookupdatingreviews.com recently announced the development of a mobile app for quick access their reviews of adult dating sites like UsaSexGuide. Their mobile app will be developed completely with swift. Many will follow this path in the future.


    SWIFT is truly the programming language of the future. It has already surpassed its predecessors. Not only that, it is actually an organic continuation. Programs in the earlier languages, especially in Objective-C which it directly replaces, are easily accommodated in SWIFT. Applications for SWIFT programming Language is easily created by both professional Programmers and novices, and has Universal appeal and application.